Day two report from the #SHRM conference

Make the most of your employees.

The day started off for many attendees with attending a 7 am session. I am not that ambitious this year, but it was interesting walking by the various session rooms hearing snippets of wisdom as I walked by. My first session was the general session where we learned that this is the second biggest SHRM conference in the history of SHRM conferences. Over 17,000 strong flood the conference center during the day and Bourbon street after dinner is done.
Training comes in strange packages
Board member┬áCoretha Rushing, told us a story of learning the business she was in by reading Tom Clancy’s Hunt for Red October. She said it was an excellent way to learn the jobs she was recruiting for, so much so that she read it several times.
Keynote address
Lazlo Bock, the former CHRO for Google was the opening keynote address. His main theme was meaning and trust. He said all HR departments, and management teams need to provide meaning in jobs and trust employees to perform their jobs. He said:

“Trust your people- believe people are fundamentally good- give them more freedom than you are comfortable with. They will respond.”

On the other had he did say to never let the hiring manager make the hiring decision. He said managers get desperate. They compromise quality. Have a hiring committee that does not work with the person. And if you cannot do that at least hire someone better than you.
This theme of trust has been a consistent one through out this conference. Perhaps it is a mega-trend for HR.
I visited with several vendors, the conversations I had as a result will be published in later blog posts.

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