Three for Thursday: HR articles to inform and educate

Must reads to protect yourself and your company.

I read other people’s blog posts. All of you should regularly read several, but you may not have the time or the inclination. So I read for you and point out some of the ones that I think do a good job of informing you about a subject.


This week’s selection starts one from Suzanne Lucas the Evil HR Lady. She talks about the new movie Wonder Woman (which is a very good movie btw) and a special screening for women only. Suzanne thinks the theater violated the law in doing this, I think they made a mistake by not allowing men to see the passionate responses by women and girls to this heroic figure. The post is short, but read the comments, that is where the passion is. Go to This Movie Theater Wants to Celebrate Women by Violating State and Federal Law.


The second installment is also from Suzanne Lucas. She has a knack for getting people to make passionate comments on what she writes. This time it is about BYOD or “bring your own devices” and she has raised the hackles of many. The post, Should Your Business Be a BYOD workplace?, actually appears on another page, but the comments are associated with this link. She presents the pros and cons from an employer’s perspective, but the reactions she gets to this are worth the read.


The third post comes from the HR Daily Advisor. HR is often charged with investigating wrong-doing in the workplace. Not everyone has had to do that and many are uncomfortable with doing so. This post, Mistakes to avoid during workplace investigations, provides some good guidance that may make you feel more comfortable with the process.


As a bonus read here is Jon Hyman’s The importance of an anti-harassment culture. This is an excellent discussion that concludes with a strong statement about Jon on the importance of your cultural reaction to harassment.
Good reading.

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