From the Archive: The importance of reading to your personal well-being and development

Excellent advice from Tom Peters.
Excellent advice from Tom Peters.

There is a discussion on my Facebook page about whether or not men read. I had to repost this. I think reading is critical to your personal development. So does Tom Peters.
I am not going to go on a tirade here about reading. It is important. Here is an excerpt from Tom Peter’ book The Little BIG Things that makes his statement, presented just as it was in the book.
Read Wide!
Surprise Yourself With Your Reading Picks!
Read Deep!
Read Often!
Out-READ the “Competition”!!!!!

Take Notes!


Share With Others What You Read!

(Not to impress them, but selfishly, because there’s no other way to imbed what you’ve learned.)
Create/Join a Reading Salon!
He adds a final note that he is not a fast reader, which surprises many.
I personally have a book with me at all times, either paper or electronic. It is not hard to do today, so you have little excuse to not be well read. You just have to shut off the damn TV and put down the Candy Crush.

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