Future Friday: Letter to vendors at #SHRM17

What HR tasks will AI be taking over from people?

I have written numerous times on Future Friday about robots and artificial intelligence taking over positions in the HR department. It is not hard to find many such a post or article today. In reality, at least for a while robots will not be replacing HR workers, rather they, or more correctly AI (artificial intelligence) will be taking over HR tasks. These are the tasks that are routine and thoughtless, that in reality most people would actually like to be rid of. That is easy to say, but I have one problem with that. I have not seen any specific list of the types of routine tasks that any AI is currently doing in HR.
My call to #SHRM17 vendors
If you are a vendor of an AI product and will be at #SHRM17 please let me know. Make contact with me and invite me to your booth. I want to better understand how you are using AI to take over tasks in HR. I am not talking about the “Hey Alexa, turn on the coffee machine” kind of tasks. I want to see a demo of AI performing a necessary and substantial role in HR.
Any takers? Any suggestions on who I should follow up with?

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