Three great reads in HR for Thursday

Must reads to protect yourself and your company.

Here are three great reads that all HR people should look over today.
First up is Robin Shea with HR’s hottest must-have: universal workplace emoji! It is hard to believe we are using emojis as business communication tools, but we are. Just be careful with it. Perhaps we need a sexual harassment emoji?
Next up is Kate Bischoff with FITNESS FOR DUTY WARNING SIGNS Kate talks about the very sticky subject of “fitness for duty” exams. This is loaded with many potential mistakes for employers. Copy her blog, post it by your desk, and learn the lessons.
Lastly is Jon Hyman with If you think your small business isn’t at risk for cybercrime, think again and WannaCry? Then ignore cybersecurity  The number of companies who lost control of their computers was astounding. This is something to pay attention to, you never know it could be your company.

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