How Promoting Exercise in the Office Can Drastically Increase Productivity

Walking meetings can be productive and beneficial.

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If you are like many of us who spend their work day sitting on a desk, you may have noticed how at some point of the work day you begin feeling sluggish, tired and less motivated to work.
There are studies which show that implementing an exercise at work program can help increase your productivity. If you are a business owner or manager, it could really help your business if you add some incentives for the employees to exercise during the work hours. Exercise helps relieve stress and helps the employees to stay active and productive. There are several ways to do that.

Add more breaks during the work day

More breaks will actually promote increased productivity and employee engagement, according to a number of studies. Encourage shorter breaks throughout the day when your employees can step out of the office, or enjoy a cup of coffee or snack during the day. Taking walks will also help the employees stay fresh and efficient. Increase the length of your lunch break, so that your employees can have time to eat and then enjoy some outdoor time or other activity which will help reduce the work related stress and anxiety.

Think about organizing walking meetings

Take your employees outside and organize a walking meeting instead of sticking them in the conference room. This has proven to increase productivity, boost creativity and help improve their problem solving skills. Getting out of the office can do wonders for your business.

Install standing desks

Add some standing desks for your employees, so that they can get up from their desks, improve their posture and their blood circulation and help them burn more calories. You will find that more employees will be willing to try out this new trendy option, and that they will find it more enjoyable than being stuck behind their desks from 9 to 5.

Organize team building exercises and athletic events

You can promote increased activity by organizing your own corporate teams and participate in various athletic events such as soccer, baseball, tennis, marathons or any other sport. This is a fun way to improve the morale and the fitness level of your employees. Happy and healthy employees are more productive ones! Reward the top teams with sporting event tickets, sports shoes or fitness trackers to further nurture their love of sport.

You can offer gym discounts for the employees

Add a discount for a local gym or for other fitness options to your work benefit package. You can offer your employees to get 25% off of the fees for the fitness option of their choice, be it Pilates, yoga, a cycling class or other alternative forms of staying active. This will encourage more people to join some local fitness programs, which will help keep them fit and healthy and will also show that you care about their wellbeing.

Promote challenges in your office

Encourage your employees to cycle or walk to work and to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get them fitness trackers and promote a challenge for making more steps. Set up an award system for the weekly or monthly winners to encourage your employees to exercise more.

There are a multitude of other possibilities

Add a tennis table to your office, organize group training, build a small in-office gym, or use any other way to keep your employees active and happy. Cheer them at sports events and encourage them to try out new fitness and sports activities. Make sure you brainstorm them and take suggestions from them for events and activities which you can add to your work schedule. You will see how in time, the employees will feel happier, more highly valued and respected. They will become closer and will start working as a better team – both during the sports events and when at work.
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