Companies planning on more foreign workers per CareerBuilder survey

CareerBuilder releases survey information hiring foreign workers.

Despite the hullaballoo over the immigration policy of the Trump administration employers are not put off their hiring of immigrants according to a survey by CareerBuilder. Fully one third, 33%, of employers will be hiring foreign workers in 2017.

Industry and jobs

What I find interesting about the survey is the diversity of industries and the size of companies that are employing foreign workers. Probably without surprise the IT industry is going to employee the largest group of workers. Fifty percent of IT companies plan on hiring foreign workers. Financial Services (38 percent) and Professional & Business Services (37 percent) were the next two largest numbers of hires.

Size of company

What I found interesting was the breakdown of company size as it relates to hiring. Naturally larger companies have larger numbers of opening and in this case 42% of companies of over 500 employees were hiring foreign workers. Amazingly 46% of companies with 250 to 500 employees were hiring too. The biggest amazement however, was that 16 percent of companies with 15 employees or fewer were in the market for foreign workers. My guess is that most of these companies are in the hunt for IT workers. Software startups doing this hiring? If would be interesting to see what the geographical distributions of these workers is.

Final fact

A final fact is about the compensation that foreign workers make. According to CareerBuilder:

Of employers who hire immigrant workers, the vast majority (80 percent) say that they pay the same to both U.S. born workers and immigrants working in the same roles. Twelve percent of these employers reported that they pay immigrants less while 9 percent reported that they pay immigrants more.

The challenge for foreign workers is to avoid those employees that pay the least.

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