Future Friday: What will you have to do to keep your job in the future?

We will preserve our jobs by thinking more creatively than computers.

Last week I wrote about the views of Gerd Leonhard on Future Friday: Lost your job to a robot, sorry but re-education will no longer secure your rescue. If you read that you may recall that Leonhard thinks humans will have to be “creators” to have their jobs protected. Anything that can be routinized will be in danger of being taken over by robots. He harkens us back to our craft and artisan days. He says “We need to have people doing things where everything they do is unique. Every product made is a new creation. Every person will have to wake up each day to a blank canvas of what needs to be created.” Today I am looking at statements made by Kevin Kelly the author of The Inevitable.


Kelly writes that there are 12 technological forces that will shape our future. These 12 are:

  1. Becoming
  2. Cognifying
  3. Flowing
  4. Screening
  5. Accessing
  6. Sharing
  7. Filtering
  8. Remixing
  9. Interacting
  10. Tracking
  11. Questioning
  12. Beginning

You will have to read his book (link below) or follow me in further Future Friday posts to get the full explanations of what those names mean. I am today looking at Cognifying.
As you might expect this has to do with artificial intelligence and the impact it will have on all the future. Kelly says “It is hard to imagine anything that would ‘change everything’ as much as cheap, powerful, ubiquitous artificial intelligence.” Kelly says cognification is easy to predict because it is already here. We see it everywhere, or don’t see it, but experience it.
Kelly goes on to say:

Our most important mechanical inventions are not machines that do what humans do better, but machines that can do things we can’t do at all. Our most important thinking machines will not be machines that can think faster, better, but those that think what we can’t think.” Artificial intelligence will challenge us to think differently. It will put us into an identity crisis of asking what are humans good for? According to Kelly “The greatest benefit of the arrival of artificial intelligence is that AIs will help define humanity. We need AIs to tell us who we are.”

In the meantime

In my opinion the secret to keeping your job is to think differently. Taking a cue from Leonhard, we need to think creatively. We need to challenge things. This is going to be the “ultimate think outside the box exercise” we have ever had to go through. If you don’t do that you are likely to be replaced. The challenge will be that as AI gets smarter so do we. Our educational systems need to change to focus on creative thinking.

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