Small Companies not served by big company processes

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I read a great deal of research and other blog posts, and in case you didn’t know it I serve primarily a small company marketplace. I try to provide advice that small companies should pay attention to and try to abide by. But I get dismayed in reading these articles, especially reading the ones about the future of work.

I think many small companies have limited resources and staff to do many of the things that writers and research suggest are important for them to have a “future workplace.” The use of big data, the information systems, the facilities designs, the compensation plans and cultural designs, such as Results Only Work Environments (ROWE) are often beyond the resources and capabilities of the small company.

What is a small company to do?

A solution

If you are a small company HR person, either trained or still working on that, there is a potential solution for you. Pay attention to SHRM. Even if you are not a member, though you should be, the cost is pretty reasonable, you can still have access to a world of resources by following many of the team of SHRM bloggers. The annual conference is coming up in late June and the SRHM Krewe will be blogging and tweeting from the conference. Many sessions and speakers address smaller company issues, so you can follow them and get daily updates during the conference.

If you happen to be going to the conference, there are a large number of small company representatives that are looking to hook up with people in similar situations. If you are on Twitter, there will be hashtags to watch for to get the conversations. If you are not on Twitter, shame on you, you need to sign up now. You are missing too much information.

While you are at it

As you get connected, let’s get a conversation going about how better small companies can be served by the mass of information about what companies need to be doing to be competitive in acquiring and keeping talent. Of course you can follow me and help me get a dialogue going about this area.

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