Five great reads to improve HR

Wednesday is always a good day to take a look at some writing other than mine that others have found interesting. So here are five selections that will educate you and improve you.

News items in HR to pay attention to.

Selection One

Oops Uber made it in the news, but not in a good way. Julianne Pepitone wrote in CNN TechSusan Fowler, a former Uber engineer, published a blog post on Sunday alleging systemic sexism at Uber — including being propositioned for sex by a superior. Fowler said she later found out other women had complained of similar treatment, but that Uber refused to do more than issue a warning. She said she was ultimately forced to seek another job. Uber says it is investigating.” Attorney Nancy Yaffe then wrote in Lessons from Uber on How to Conduct a Harassment Investigation that there are things that all companies could learn from the way Uber is conducting the investigation. You need to take note.

Selection Two

When China Gorman speaks you should listen. In There Are Differences In What The Generations Want From Work China tells us about a report called the Monster Multi-Generational SurveyShe says “In its descriptions of each of the four generations active in the workplace today, these are the top motivators by generation.” If China feels this is a worthwhile report then the rest of us should as well. Take a look at it.

Selection Three

In What not to do in wage and hour investigations, attorney Charlie Plumb talks about some screwed up actions employers took when being investigated by the Wage & Hour division of the USDOL. I wrote about one of these cases in This is the kind of business owner that cartoons lampoon and employees hate but it would be good for you to read Charlie’s analysis just to really be aware of the impact of dumb mistakes and misdealing with the government.

Selection Four

What HR department couldn’t use some help with dealing with FMLA issues? In Top 10 mistakes in FMLA policies, attorney Lisa Berg shares with us problems and solutions that can make  your HR life much easier if you followed her advice.

Selection Five

In EMPLOYEE EXODUS: WHY EMPLOYEES LEAVE AND WHAT HR CAN DO ABOUT IT, Eric Friedman from eSkillHR, gives us some good advice how you might be able to keep that much desired “talent” from leaving your organization. Some of it you may have heard before but it never hurts to hear it again.
So there you have it, five pieces to educate and inform you. After reading them you will be better for it.

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