Shake Up the Year with a Promotion

Are you working toward a promotion?

Today’s post is a guest post written by Gloria Martinez, of I thought it was a relevant and timely topic. Ms. Martinez believes that while women have made many advancements toward “shattering the glass ceiling,” there is still much to be done. It is her aim to help increase the number of women-led businesses by educating others about the topic. 
For some, going to work every day, doing the same task with little room to grow makes for a sufficient life. However, for the woman that is a go-getter at heart, expanding professionally is a must. It’s no secret that it’s harder for a woman to advance to the next tier in the workplace, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible! If you have made the decision to go for a promotion, then stop at nothing. Here are a few tips on how to climb the corporate ladder and break through the glass ceiling for good!

Make your boss aware

In order to be considered for a promotion, you must let your boss know you are up for the job! A lot of women tend to think their performance will speak for itself, while men are more upfront about their career goals. If you don’t make your intentions clear, management may not know you want to move up. They also may not have thought of you as a candidate because the position you are looking to fill is outside of your current department. To avoid being overlooked, have a conversation with your supervisors and ask what you need to do to qualify for your desired position. Once you are aware of what you need to do, put it into action immediately.

Become indispensable

The best way to get the attention of your boss is by becoming a person of value. If you consistently show that you are working for the best interest of the company, there is no way you will be overlooked. As a person of immense value you will need to know how to identify and solve problems effectively, while maintaining a level of calm. Stress causes people to rush and make decisions out of haste, which can be fatal for a business. You must show your ability to work well and fast under any circumstance.

Be a team player

A great leader knows how to work well with a team. As you become more efficient at your job, your coworkers will raise their performance to match your efforts. While on the climb up the corporate ladder, it is imperative that you help your colleagues as opposed to stepping on them to get ahead. Disgruntled employees will drag down the performance of the company. A happy team will gladly pursue a common goal while each putting forth their best work. If you do your part in maintaining a positive, driven team, you will be on your way to being promoted in no time!

Take ownership of your projects

When you are up for a promotion, everything you do will be under observation. Make sure you are receiving proper credit and acknowledgement for any projects you are involved in. More often than not, women downplay their roles by not taking credit for their contributions that were beneficial to the company. If you want to be seen as a viable candidate, you must take ownership of your work. Now is the time to let your talents shine! Not only will this give you a leg up on the competition, it will prove that you are an asset to the company. Take pride in doing good work!
Moving up in the workplace will be challenging, but try not to take yourself too seriously. Remain positive and upbeat, and know when to laugh at yourself! You will have a much easier time moving ahead if you are a pleasure to work with. Work hard but make it a priority not to burn yourself out. As long as you show up and do your best every day, you will land the promotion of your dreams!
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