Unconscious bias

The other day in a class that I teach I made the comment that “We all have biases.” That is not something that an HR person is supposed to admit. But we do, ALL OF US. Soon after that class I received a message from another HR person who has also realized she has biases. In this case Kristen Pressner, a female leader, came to the realization that she has a bias against…. female leaders. It shocked her. She started thinking of how she might get past that bias and teach other to do so as well. As a result she produced this TED presentation that tells all of us how to potentially overcome our biases. It is only eight minutes, but it is an eight minutes that will make you think. Give it a watch.

3 thoughts on “Unconscious bias”

  1. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to eliminate bias, that would require looking at everything with zero filtering based on experience and culture. But we can counteract its influence in decision-making. The first step to counteracting bias is to recognize we all have it.

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