Future Friday: People brighter than me

Will robots be liberating?

The universe of people brighter than me is wide. The older I get and the more I read, I realize how little I know and how I lack in creativity. Today I want to point out two young writers, both students, who published in LinkedIn. I thought you might find them interesting as they talk about the future of robots and human existence. They are not at all dystopian. They see this world of robots as liberating.
The first one is Ching Ching Wang. She writes about Robots and the Future of Work. Her first sentence is “Robots are about convenience, so why do we fear them?” She goes on to say “They bring us a better life and freedom from repetitive tasks.” In her student view, she sees the task of mankind as “to build a fair, ethical and just future for all.” She sees robots as a way for humans to build better connections with each other. Ms. Wang certainly falls in the utopian school of what the future will look like. I guess it is good we have students like that.
The second writer is Cole Feldman, who is a student at Notre Dame, and is the author of a book on self-actualization. Cole is also on the utopian end of the scale. In his post, The “end of work” is our opportunity to be human, he sees great value in robots taking work from us. It will allow us to connect better with each other. Cole says “It’s our responsibility (young people, academics, policy makers, entrepreneurs) to build our institutions around a workless, or at least a less-work, future.”
Both of these student writers have positive sentiments. It was refreshing to read their positive outlooks, given the negativity of the current times.
Perhaps you will enjoy reading them as well, so follow the links provided above.

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