Three great reads for Thursday to educate and inform

Three great reads to inform and educate.

I am presenting to you today three great blog posts from the reading that I have done. I hope you found them as educational and as informative as I did.

Number 1

This post comes from Matt Monge of The Mojo Company. I met Matt at an HR conference where we were both presenters. I found him fascinating. His mind and mine work differently. He takes notes by drawing what the speakers are saying. Basically he creates mind maps, a very useful tool for remembering. Given this level of creativity I thought you would find his tips on brainstorming interesting. So give 7 Secrets to Better Brainstorming a read and see if you don’t learning something.

Number 2

One of my favorite blogging lawyers, Jon Hyman, has a major concern about cybersecurity. In The 10 essential cyber security training issues for your employees he provides us with tips for making sure your workplace is secure in this nasty cyber world we face. I recommend you follow his advice.

Number 3

Many of you may have read the book GRIT by Angela Duckworth. I found it to be a very interesting book. Well my friend Todd Schnick  of Intrepid NOW presents a series podcast called Leading With GRIT: Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth based on the work of, and co-hosted by Laurie Sudbrink, who has written a book called Leading with GRIT. Sudbrink is president and founder of Unlimited Coaching Solutions, where GRIT stands for Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth. I realize this is not a 500 word blog post you can quickly read, but this series of podcasts may be some of the best training you will have all year.
I hope this three items will improve your education and leadership.

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