Work Anniversary Gifts Your Employees Will Appreciate

Anniversary gifts need to be more than tokens.

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If you’re thinking of giving your employees a company-branded keychain for their anniversary, you might want to think again. Forty-seven percent of employees appreciate their employers more when they receive a good gift, according to Gyft, so it’s worth investing the time to choose something they will love. Here are four ideas your employees will truly enjoy.

Custom Card with Cash

When you’re pressed for gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with cash. Not surprisingly in today’s economy, when Express Employment Professionals asked employees how they wished their employers showed appreciation, 27 percent preferred cash, while another 13 percent wanted a pay raise. Combining cash or a raise with some company swag can make that company-branded item much more appreciated than it would be if you gave it away by itself.
A simple, inexpensive way to combine your company’s brand with your cash gift is to present it with a branded card from a site like Vistaprint. To add a regular reminder of your gift, you could add a cash-themed item such as a wallet or purse.

Swag Gifts with Time Off

After cash or a pay raise, the gift employees surveyed by Express Employment Professionals wanted most was a day off or shortened hours. To deliver some swag with your gift, you can add something for employees to do with their time off. Give them a half day off to spend some time at 24 Hour Fitness, along with a gym membership and a company-branded gym bag. Or give them a day off to relax along with a spa gift card or massage package and some candles or beauty products.

Co-branded Gift Cards

Gift cards are the next most desired gift item by employees. An advantage of giving a gift card is that it lets the recipient decide exactly how they’re going to spend it, taking the burden off you to figure out what they might want. The most popular gift cards last year were Visa, Amazon, American Express, iTunes, Walmart, Target and Starbucks. Some of these brands offer gift cards that you can co-brand with your company logo. For example, National Gift Card offers co-branded prepaid gift cards for Visa, American Express, Starbucks and Subway.

Customized Coffee Mugs and Drinking Cups

A gift that just about any employee will find useful is a coffee mug or thermos to use at work. To help personalize your gift, you can get a customized coffee mug or cup with your company’s logo and your employee’s name on it. Online vendors such as offer a variety of customized and personalized drinking mug options that you can get in different colors, sizes and shapes. If you know what types of movies, TV shows or books your employee likes, another option is to get a themed drinking mug or cup. ThinkGeek offers coffee and travel mugs that feature popular franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel and Harry Potter.

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