From the Archive: Future Friday: Boomerang employees becoming a strong trend

If you pay attention you may catch a former employee looking to come back.
If you pay attention you may catch a former employee looking to come back.

Originally published in December 2015 this post is as relevant today, if not more so than it was then. Rehiring former employees is turning is turning out to be a strategy to make up for talent shortages.
One of the big trends in employment for 2016 and beyond is the boomerang employee. As tenures of employees working at a particular company get shorter companies are apparently finding it more acceptable to rehire them. According to research by Dan Schawbel just a few short years ago over half of US companies had a policy against rehiring employees that had left. Today 76% of companies think it is a good idea, and Schawbel doesn’t see this slowing down.

Millennials are more likely to come back

Apparently many Millennials, when they don’t progress as rapidly as they desire, move relatively quick compared to other generations. However, often they find that the “grass is not as green” as they expected and come back to the company they left. Companies see this as a good deal generally because it takes less time to make them productive than it does with a new employee. They also already know the culture so there is a match there.

Provides competition to job seekers

Boomerang employees have an inside track when it comes to getting jobs. They get up to speed faster, know the culture, and may be a bit humbler than never before hired employees. It is wise money for companies to hire returning employees who left non-performance reasons. They are a known entity and thus less risk is associated with hiring them and that makes it tough to compete against them.
If you are one of those companies that does not rehire employees you are potentially missing out on a good source of talent. If you are competing against such a candidate try to find out where they are coming from and go to work there.

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