How a long-lived marriage is like a great employee relationship

Starting out on married life.
Starting out on married life.

Yesterday on December 18, 2016 my wife and I achieved our 45th wedding anniversary. We are planning a celebration for a warmer time of year. In thinking about it though, I noted that there are many similarities between a good marriage and having a good employment relationship. See if you agree.

Have to grow together

We were married young, at the age of 20. At that age you have a lot of learning to do in life. You have to be willing to learn with each other. You have to learn the good and the bad. With a young employee who has joined the company early in their life you must expect that they will have a lot of learning to do as well.
You make mistakes and you have to deal with them. No marriage and no employment relationship is mistake free. You have to realize it is a chance to adjust. Too many marriages and too many employment relationships are expected to be perfect from the get-go. That is a recipe for disaster. No new marriage and no new employment relationship can stand up to that expectation.

Work it out

Far too many marriages today are tossed on the scrapheap because the partners were not willing to work out the kinks. Many managers are too willing to dismiss an employee for early mistakes without sitting down and talking to the employee. You have to be able to talk to each other and workout the problems. Often you may find it was a misperception rather than a purposeful mistake. But even those times where one person knew they were doing wrong does not mean you end the relationship.  Forgiveness goes a long way to mending hurt feelings. Sometimes you have to see through the emotion of the moment to


get to the emotion of the relationship.
I am happy to say that so far my wife Sherry and I have been able to work with what we have been dealt. We have not had to fire each other. Maybe after 45 years we won’t have to.
Happy anniversary to my smart, lovely, beautiful wife, I hope we make it another 20 years. Then she can retire me.

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