Making you a better professional: Four great reads in HR

Reading in HR to educate you and make you a better HR professional.
Reading in HR to educate you and make you a better HR professional.

Today I am letting you know about four great posts from other writers. These posts will educated and inform you. They did me.

Maybe we are offering something we don’t have to

First up is Robin Shea. She wrote about a study that shows that flexibility in a work schedule may not be as important as we think it might be, at least not when compared to money. In Heresy! Is “flexibility at work” overrated? Robin explores a study that was kind of an eye opener and may alter what you offer in a job.

Federalization of Workers’ Comp?

Some of you may have heard that the Department of Labor was meeting on the workers’ compensation programs run by the states. Reports of abuse and people being denied benefits had raised a call for the “federalization” of the workers’ comp system. Did they decide to do that? You will have to read Breaking News on DOL “Threats” to Federalize Workers’ Compensation to find out.

Is more maternity leave than paternity leave discriminatory to women?

Eric Meyer wrote about a SHRM study that explored the differences between maternity leave and paternity leave that companies offer. The study showed that women are offered twice the amount of leave that men are. You would think that men would be crying foul, but the study suggests that this disparity is pushing women into stereotypical gender roles and is thus a bad thing for women. Really? Perhaps I miss read that. Read Meyer’s piece and decide for yourself at A new SHRM study should have employers reexamining their policies on parental leave. Will you be changing your policies as a result?

Training time mistakes

I keep reading story after story of companies that think they can train employees on without having to pay the employees. I personally think that is wrong, let alone illegal. Jon Hyman tells the story of one major company who made this mistake and he gives us the legal reasoning that makes this a mistake. If you are a company that thinks you don’t have to pay employees for training you may want to read Lawsuit highlights the risk of unpaid training time.
If you read these four posts this week you will have educated yourself in HR and HR law better than the majority of business professionals. Making you a better HR person is the goal of my blog so I hope you have helped me accomplish my goal.

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