Medicare Part D Announcement Due

medicareThe Medicare Part D notice deadline is approaching. Notices must be provided to all Part D eligible individuals who are covered under, or eligible for, an employer’s prescription drug plan — regardless of whether the coverage is primary or secondary to Medicare Part D. “Part D eligible individuals” are generally age 65 and older or under age 65 and disabled, and include active employees and their dependents, COBRA participants and their dependents, and retirees and their dependents. Generally this is handled by  the insurer or a TPA (Third Party Administrator). If a company it self-insured then that company has the responsibility. According to Ann Murray of Nelson Mullins more companies are finding themselves responsible and must make sure they comply. Murray’s article can be read by clicking here. 
Most of you HR folks will know this, but many small businesses may not. Here is your heads up. Check with your insurance company or broker and make sure this is being done.

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