Celebrating a decade of blogging: HR Observations at Omega HR Solutions

Happy_10_Year_Work_Anniversary_07[1]I published my first blog post on August 31, 2006. So today closes out a full decade of writing about HR.


That is the number of posts. Most have been mine, some have been guest posts.
I originally started out just to try out blogging as a way of getting more exposure for my consulting practice. That has worked, but the blogging started taking on a life of its own.

It gave me a way to express an opinion on the state of HR.

Originally my focus was on compliance topics in HR and the bulk of what I write on is still that. But I write about other HR subjects as well. At some point I started to write about the future of work. I got tired of hearing HR people complain about having to be reactive and never being proactive. I was determined to make people aware of the future of work. In 2013 I started to dedicate every Friday to a futurist subject and started Future Friday. I continue that today.
In addition to blogging on my own site I also write for Blogging4Jobs, where I have published nearly two hundred posts. I also write for eSkill where I have posted a couple of dozen blogs. I am proud of my work for both of these organizations. My blogs have been republished in numerous places most notably in HR Executive and SHRM. I am also proud of both of those associations.
I enjoy people telling how much value they get out of my writing. When you have people like Steve Browne and Trish McFarlane tell you how valuable your work is to them almost daily it makes you feel good.
I hope to continue writing well into the future. Who knows where this adventure will take me. The plan is to turn some of these 2000 posts into books in 2017. I just know that I enjoy the writing and will continue on informing people about HR.

First blog

Here is the first blog post I ever published. It was on talent problems. Who knew at that time we would be having the same problems 10 years later.
Talent problems
by Michael Haberman on August 31, 2006 · 0 comments
I have read a lot about the coming Labor shortage or the coming talent shortage. I certainly believe it, for a number of different reasons: baby boomer retirement, fewer people in the next age wave, the diminishing quality of education, just to name a few. This appears to be felt more in “craftsman” type of companies. Everywhere I go I see “Now Hiring” signs for plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, pest control, and others.
What do you think? Are you experiencing this talent shortage in your company? How are you dealing with it?
It was a simple beginning, but I am happy I did it and have kept at it.

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