The state of Talent Management: A Podcast with Ira Wolfe

Ira Wolfe is a long term friend in addition to being a well-known author and speaker. He talks about the future of the workforce. So when Ira contacted me to be a guest on his podcast show Geeks, Geezers and Googlization I readily accepted. He wanted to talk about the state of talent management. Ira thinks that is a term that needs to be altered and we need to think of talent management as stewardship instead. I was not in total agreement, but I did express that I think the whole subject of talent management is somewhat in a state of flux or disarray. It is certainly evident to me that we need a better definition. As Ira says:

“During this brief interview we covered a lot of territory from the current state of talent management to the biggest challenges facing HR. We probably raised more questions than answers but we did agree upon this: organizations hinge their growth and future success on talent management as the solution and yet the definition of talent is ambiguous and rarely agreed upon.  Management, HR, recruiters and even employees have different descriptions and therefore different expectations.”

So take a few minutes to listen to our discussion. Introduce yourself to Ira Wolfe. He can be found at Success Performance Solutions and can be followed on Twitter at @hireauthority.
Listen to our discussion here:


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