Job hunting in a digital age: It is about your reputation

I have written a couple of times and had many a conversation wrapped around the concept of “reputation capital.”  When offered this guest post on the subject and the process of the job search I decided I wanted to post this infographic. The author, Vera Reed, is a freelance writer, an elementary school teacher and a stay-at-home mom.
 Job hunting strategies have changed remarkably now that the digital age is in full swing. HR recruiters are using the Internet to find potential candidates around the world, and they are snooping into your social media too. Recruiters are also using what they find online to make hiring decisions.
This makes your digital reputation invaluable to landing the your dream job. Have you given your digital reputation much thought? If you are an avid use Internet browser with multiple social media accounts, you are leaving a digital footprint recruiters can follow.
Your digital footprint can be your job hunting confidant, and it can also be your nemesis. Optimizing your digital reputation is more important than ever. It allows you to connect and network with recruiters and corporate decision makers without even leaving your home.

Your Digital Footprint is a Breadcrumb Trail Recruiters Follow

Recent studies have found that 75 percent of recruiters search potential candidates online, including social media, acting as a digital cover letter. Similar research also found that 70 percent of potential candidates don’t get hired due to a negative digital footprint.

Create Your Professional Online Persona for Success

Creating a professional online persona is an exceptional aspect to surely enhance your digital reputation. A professional online persona will leave the positive digital footprint you want recruiters to follow like breadcrumbs.
Taking a day to develop a LinkedIn profile will elevate your job hunting chances. One survey found that 89 percent of recruiters have hired candidates via LinkedIn with most jobs posted exclusively on the site, or only online. The value of an online presence is clear, however, only 36 percent of job hunters are using LinkedIn to their advantage.

Social Media Catch-22 Essential to Evaluate

If an HR recruiter wants to find out more great stuff about you, they will most certainly browse your social media. This is fantastic, because for many recruiters, a candidate with a positive online presence is great. Unless your social media content is hurting your job hunting progress.
Setting your social media accounts to private and only for friends is an excellent strategy to keep recruiters from snooping. You can also use a username different from your real name, leaving no trail for HR to follow as well.
These easy and wonderful online tips to boost your digital reputation will showcase your marketability as a potential job candidate. The infographic is more in depth and the informative information below will surely assist your job hunting efforts. Leave a digital footprint worth following and move your career in a powerful direction.
Here is the infographic on your digital footprint.

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