Work perks that help attract and retain employees: An Infographic

I was offered the opportunity to publish this infographic on research conducted by I thought it was interesting. I hope you do to.
You’ve placed the digital and print ads, sorted through resumes, done the interviews, and made the offer to what you believe is the best employee for the job. All that’s great, but once you have the person employed, how do you keep them working for you, year after year?
Surveys suggest the answer is changing, and may be dependent on the age of the person you’ve hired. What was once considered traditional in benefit offerings—raises, vacation time—may no longer appeal to employees. In fact, what’s most important to everyone is family leave—for births and adoptions—as well as flexibility to work where and when we need or want to.
How you keep employees also depends on their life stage. Younger people may want help adapting to financial challenges, such as student loans, while older people may need conveniences for daily life challenges (a spot to catch up on sleep, for example).
This graphic helps you understand what employees are thinking and what you can offer, too.



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