GRIT: Do you have it? Can you get it? A Podcast bookreview

We have all heard of perseverance. We have all heard of “stick-to-it-ness.” Now courtesy of Angela Duckworth we have Grit. She wrote a book called Grit The power of Passion and Perseverance.  I read her book recently and was impressed by it. It wasn’t all science, though she talked about the science behind what she was studying. It had a personal side to it, her personal side. It had a different approach than many of the “self-help” types books that talk about the value of passion and perseverance. For some reason it made an impact on me. To be fair not everyone has had that impression. My friend Wally Bock, who is much more widely read than I am thought the book was a disappointment, but I did not. I thought my good friend Bill Ramsey would benefit from the lesson in GRIT, not because of his own situation but because of the age of his children and the fact that he is a very conscientious father that is very good at imparting life lessons to his children. I thought that if he were award of the fact that grit can be learned he would be able to be an even better father. He also owns a podcast show and I thought it might be good fodder for his interviews. I was right, he loved it. He loved it so much he told a neighbor, Jeff Stewart about it and he read it as well. Bill then invited us both to his studio to record a discussion about the book and how we thought it might apply to our lives.
You can find the show HERE. We got a bit long winded at 44 minutes, I mean there was a consultant involved after all, but I think it is a pretty interesting discussion.
After listening to this you might find Duckworth’s TED talk interesting. You will find that below.

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