Finding your passion: A lesson from Jason Silva

We talk all the time about passion. We tell people to find out what they are passionate about and work in that area. I had a discussion last night with two friends and we did a podcast on Angela Duckworth’s book Grit The Power of Passion and Perseverance. She uses the word right in her title and says to be “gritty” you have to have passion. (This podcast will be published next week) But have you ever thought about how you find your passion? One of my favorite life philosophers, Jason Silva, did a YouTube post on finding your passion. He based his discussion on an article by Steven Kotler called The Passion Recipe: Four Steps to Total Fulfillment. He says in this article that you need to:

  1. Make a list
  2. Hunt for intersections in that list (Jason uses Venn diagrams to illustrate that)
  3. Play in the space- feed your curiosities- daily
  4. Go public
  5. Turn your passion into purpose.

I recommend you read Kotler’s article, but watch Jason Silva below. It is only 2 minutes long. He discusses this much more eloquently than I, or even Kotler, can write. I am a huge fan of Silva and had the opportunity to meet him about a year ago. His presentations are riveting to me.

2 thoughts on “Finding your passion: A lesson from Jason Silva”

  1. This is exactly what I did at one point in my career. I was very unhappy at my corporate job at the time. The first thing I did was to list everything I enjoyed and then I started to brainstorm ideas of business that could go along with these passions. What happened for me is that it really helped to attract and spot new opportunities. I’m doing right now something totally different from what I used to do before and I’m incredibly thankful that I had the courage to go after my dreams.

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