Unobtrusive Ways to Keep Tabs on Remote Employees

Technology allows employers to track remote workers.
Technology allows employers to track remote workers.

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Up to 90 percent of the U.S. workforce says they would like to telework at least part of the time, according to research compiled by Meanwhile, Fortune 1000 companies around the world are rapidly adjusting their business model around mobile employees. Remote employees are good for businesses and their bottom line. A survey by TinyPulse found that remote workers are happier, enjoy the freedom and flexibility of their jobs, and felt they were more productive as remote workers.
As more companies adapt to a remote workforce, concerns over accountability and tracking time arises. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep tabs on remote employees without being overly intrusive or disrupting their productivity. Setting clear guidelines and expectations for your remote employees is only the first step. You also should rely on technology to see what your remote employees are up to. Here are a few ways to get started.

Time Tracking

The rise of remote workers and employees in the field makes it difficult to track the time they’re actually working. One solution is to measure performance by project with a deadline in place. But what if you need to track the hours, or even the minutes, of each project or workplace duty?
A system like Homebase can schedule and manage time off and availability for small businesses, including restaurants that rely on shift workers. You’ll get a better idea of your labor costs and service levels by seeing when employees are at work and how their schedule breaks out.

Employee Location Tracking

If you issue employees their own devices, use NFC technology for clocking into work from any location. This method is ideal for workers in the field and those who work from home or a co-working space. If your workers make deliveries, you can check on their routes and their schedule at the same time. Relying on employee smartphones can do more than perform job duties and track location. Smartphones that feature Android Pay and Samsung Pay like the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be used to make and track purchases for the business.

Project Tracking

Keeping tabs on a project is an easy way to hold employees accountable. Instead of accepting their own estimations of how much time they spent or what they worked on, use a system like Zoho. Plan your projects by setting milestones and task lists. Zoho also can document time, invoices and expenses. You and your employees can keep in touch on the project with dedicated forums and set a calendar.

Capture Regular Screenshots

Set your remote employees up with automatic screenshot trackers to see what they worked on and when. Screenshot Monitor tracks time and takes screenshots of a project from your employees’ computers. All you need to do is send an online invitation to join Screenshot Monitor and it starts working effortlessly. When employees go on a break or leave for a meeting, they can hit stop to pause the time tracking and screenshot capture functionality. You can check in on a project or look at an employee’s accountability by logging into the system and see activity from a convenient dashboard.

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