Three great HR posts for Wednesday

Three blog posts to inform and educate you.
Three blog posts to inform and educate you.

Today is a small collection of posts I think you should read. Great stuff from great authors. Reading these will make you a better HR professional.
First up is a great post from Jon Hyman at the Ohio Employers Law Blog. In Developing an anti-harassment culture is key to stopping workplace harassment Jon talks about the importance of having a culture that is free of harassment. Unfortunately sexual harassment appears to be on the rise and government agencies are enforcing the anti-harassment laws to much greater extent. Jon offers great tips to promote best practices in harassment prevention and investigation.
The second post comes from Robin Shea who teaches us that the EEOC can sue us just for lousy recordkeeping, in Applicant tracking and the EEOC: “You can SUE us for that?” Many of the companies I have audited would be dismayed to know that. It is not just messy paper files that can get you in trouble, but also electronic records. The interesting thing is what basis the EEOC sued under. Click above to find out.
The third post was written by Eric B. Meyer. I had a chance to see Eric at the SHRM16 conference. He was hard at work writing his blog. This one post deals with something all FMLA eligible companies need to have… a proper notice. In Your FMLA notices may be defective if… Eric tells us about an important statement that must be included in your notices to employees. Click the link to find out what that important statement is.
There you have it, three highly informative posts that should make rethink some of the things you are currently doing.

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