Team Building in the Great Outdoors

The group that plays together works better together.
The group that plays together works better together.

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Building camaraderie with your co-workers is an important piece of a healthy working environment — it helps create a stronger and more communicative team. One of the many enjoyable ways to build camaraderie is by heading out to the great outdoors. It gives each person a chance to shine and possibly teach or learn something new within the group. Plus, it’s a great way to blow off steam and reduce stress. Scheduling an annual outing gives employees something to look forward to each year, and creates excitement in the office as the date approaches. If you’re in need of ideas to do with your team, consider one of the activities below.

Sink or Swim

Have you or your boss ever used this term? What if you and your teammates were stuck on a desert island and the only way off was to build a boat? The build-a-boat activity is a great team-builder — not only will employees work together to build a vessel, but they’ll have the added excitement of racing it around a designated course. To ensure safety, host the event at a body of water that is flat, like a lake or resort pool. Split your employees up into teams and equip them with the materials and blueprints to build a boat. You can hire a facilitator to guide the mission of building the boat to bring the teams to safety. It is a great practice in delegation, communication and teamwork to reach the common goal.

Shoot to Succeed

Taking your team to the shooting range is a great stress reliever. It enables those with gun safety experience to step forward and partake in a leadership role that may not be available to them in the work place. Make a friendly competition out of target practice by rewarding the best shooter with a prize such as added hours of paid time off, a paid lunch out out of the office or be allowed to go home early on a Friday. A prize may be just enough incentive to see your team members meet the challenge. Remember, take all safety precautions necessary by ensuring you have the correct safety equipment and firearm accessories.

Race to the Finish

Signing up for an organized race can be both challenging and rewarding for everyone involved. It promotes fitness in the workplace and can result in employees adopting healthier habits (not to mention lower health insurance rates for the company). By having your teammates set a goal for themselves, it enables them to work hard to reach it. It also influences you and your co-workers to send positive messages to each other to encourage them to reach the goal they have set for themselves. Getting your team out of their comfort zones will allow them to think differently and realize they can get over that hill (physically or mentally) with a little training and help from a friend. Start with something small, like a 5K — it is not likely that you will see much interest from your team in running a half marathon off the bat.

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