How to Make Your Company Attractive to Skilled Workers

Choosing the right person is critical for companies.
Choosing the right person is critical for companies.

Certain first world countries, including the United States, Germany and Australia, have a deficit of skilled workers. Each of these nations has special immigration processes to attract the best workers globally. When a company is competing for these human resource assets, it needs to create a smart corporate culture to attract and retain these skilled workers. Research in the field shows that these expert workers are looking for specific traits in a sought-after company.

Challenges and Challenging Work

Skilled workers understand the importance of enjoying their careers. They seek challenge and stimulation in their jobs. This is the most important of the workplace cultural traits that employees seek.
At the announcement and application level, include a well-defined job description that highlights the challenging aspect of the job without going so far as to scare a prospect away. Blend your enthusiasm with a well-written job description to attract employees looking for a fun, challenging workplace environment.
Recruit skilled workers the way that the U.S. military does. Let them know upfront that it is challenging but rewarding.

Opportunities for Learning and Professional Development

Supermarkets are not known for their expert staff, yet the grocery store chain Publix uses a great education benefit package to recruit and retain its best employees. It offers more than $12,000 in education reimbursement for full-time and some part-time employees.
This benefit is not restricted to a four-year degree, and trade and technical school are equally reimbursed. What is important with this benefit is not the dollar amount. It is the culture of success that the company is offering its people.
Your company may not have the budget to send everyone to school, but it can offer education in the form of mentorships and in-house certifications.

Work Relationships

People spend a third or more of their day working. Most of their social and business relationships happen during that time. In our remote work, entrepreneurial world, the relationships that a company offers are a significant, although often intangible, perk.
Take a look at Amway. The company sells health care and beauty products, but what it offers the contractor is a connection via a worldwide network. Even if your company is not global and well networked, a dynamic, fun environment and a good social media presence will bring skilled staff to your door.

Opportunities to Take Responsibility

An employee with no advancement potential already has one foot out the door. If you want to acquire and retain the best, offer a clear advancement path. Advancement goes hand-in-hand with professional development.
According to the career site Glassdoor, General Electric is one of the best places for promotion opportunities because it has a policy of training its people on career and advancement specific topics. If your company is small, then use cross training to open up more advancement opportunities for your staff.

Ability to Make a Difference

At the end of the day, every employee wants to sleep well, knowing that they made the world a better place. Contrary to what we see on the news, most people are inherently good and want to work for a socially conscious company.
Socially responsible and sustainable companies automatically attract a skilled mindset. They are the Microsofts and the Googles. Use your company’s social responsibility plan as a recruiting tool to make your company irresistible to the hero in all of us.

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