Future Friday: Next week at #SHRM16

SHRM 16 logoI am changing the focus of Future Friday from several years from now to next week. As most of you know I am an official blogger for #SHRM16. I will be at the conference starting Saturday, June 18th. If you are not attending there is still a way for you to follow the action of the conference.

Follow the official bloggers

There are about 30 “official” bloggers who will also be tweeting from the conference. You can find this list here at #SHRM16 Bloggers. I am following them all. We will all be using the official hashtag #SHRM16 and #SHRM16blogger. You can go to Twitter and search on those hashtags and you will get everything each of us is saying. You can also keep up-to-date by visiting the official SHRM blog.
I will be posting all my blogs on Omega HR as well, so check back here daily. You may have noticed I have posted a number of interviews already this week, like my interview with Tim Mulligan of the San Diego Zoo.

You will learn that social media is an IMPORTANT HR tool!

Others social media

In addition to the “official” group there will be hundreds, possibly thousands, of the 15,000 attendees that will also be using social media to document their #SHRM16 experience. We will be using Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram, and Pinterest, so watch your favorite and search for the #SHRM16 hashtag.
You will learn that social media is an IMPORTANT HR tool!
One way to learn more is to visit the Smart Stage. Track down your favorite blogger. Ask the questions.
I am waiting to see if anyone actually recognizes me and says hello.
Stay tuned to the immediate future of next week experience what the rest of us are willing to share.

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