How a Purpose-Driven Brand Can Motivate Employees

Peers are very important in engagement.
Peers are very important in engagement.

When it comes to a job, sometimes employees are just in it for the paycheck, the time off and the benefits. After all, we all need to sustain ourselves in our daily lives, as well as provide for our families.
But some people are in it for more.
With many studies showing people as being disengaged at work, it’s no wonder HR and management professionals are on a consistent search for ways to engage their team members. But the truth is, company culture and engagement begin where the company’s mission statement ends.
Read on to learn how some companies are motivating their staff through purpose, appreciation and a little fun.

Keeping your staff committed

Interestingly, a survey by TINYPulse reports that money is not the top incentive that motivates employees. It’s not even in the top five. The survey looked at a variety of management subjects and took a dive in to uncover how to get employees to put in the most effort at work. The survey asked a question relating to what motivates people to go the extra mile at work. Respondents chose from 10 possible answers and here is how they ranked:

  • 20 percent: Peer motivation and camaraderie
  • 17 percent: Intrinsic desire to do good work
  • 13 percent: Recognition and encouragement
  • 10 percent: Making an impact
  • 8 percent: Professional growth
  • 8 percent: Meeting customer needs
  • 7 percent: Money, perks and benefits
  • 4 percent: Positive management staff
  • 4 percent: A strong belief in the company

In addition, nine percent of respondents answered “other,” providing their own unique answers.
Suffice to say, it’s crucial for HR and management to take into account company culture, employee camaraderie, as well as how and how often staff members are encouraged, recognized and praised.

Purpose over paycheck

Southwest Airlines is well known for its superior customer service. And the reason employees provide such stellar service could very well likely be because they are, indeed, happy at their jobs.
A few years ago, the airline shared a new corporate vision as well as a purpose, aimed at encouraging employees to achieve higher standards. The company’s purpose allows for employees to feel a real sense of investment, and the ability to help people through doing their job. The purpose is to connect people to the most important things in their lives with reliable, affordable and friendly air travel. A purpose is far different from a mission statement, which usually outlines the goals of the company.
The airline went one step further and created stories that provide examples of customers touched by this purpose, to remind employees that they do, in fact, make a difference and matter to people.
Similarly, Nexen Tires is also getting this purpose thing right and creating a company that employees can be proud of. Not only do they have a focus of manufacturing well-designed, well-made tires, they are winning a plethora of awards. Nexen is the only tire company that has won all four of the “grand slam” of world design awards. And it’s employees agree that it’s pretty impressive to be a part of something so innovative.

Take a cue from Google

You don’t become one of the best places to work by offering the same run-of-the-mill benefits. You have to have a little creativity. Or in Google’s case, a lot of creativity.
Staff members of Google enjoy perks like free lunch and dinner provided by the company, on-site car wash and oil changes, dry cleaners, a gym and massages.
Google offers an extensive maternity and paternity leave, along with $500 in “takeout benefits” to be used on getting takeout meals in the first three months at home with the newborn. Further, the company offers financial assistance for employees who are looking to adopt a child.
Perhaps one of the most important ways the company values its employees is through its many ways for staff to voice their opinions. The company’s Friday forums take a look at the most asked questions by employees. Additionally, there are several communication channels devoted to allowing staff to communicate their thoughts and ideas. And employees are surveyed on their managers on the regular.

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  1. Does your company give potential employees a reason to join? Most companies only focus on half the hiring process. They spend their time and resources trying to get applicants to join their company. But unless companies offer something to keep the position enjoyable and challenging, employees will sooner or later look for another organization that better fits their needs…

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