From the Archive: A Dose of Drucker

I am away this week, so I pulled several posts from the Archive. I like this one in particular. 

Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker was considered by many, and still is well after his death in 2005, the Dean of Management consulting. He is actually considered to be the inventor of the modern concept of management. I have a number of his books I refer to on occasion.
In his book entitled Managing in the Next Society, Drucker says many have paid a price for their success in working in knowledge positions in a knowledge society. Driven to succeed knowledge workers often plateau in their forties and if they have nothing else to fall back on they are lost. HR today is mostly knowledge workers and can be affected by this heavily.
Drucker’s advice for these workers? Develop a serious outside interest that provides you with some satisfaction. Pretty sage advice from 13 years ago.

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