Future Friday: The Rise of Virtual Reality

The subject of virtual reality has come up in a number of discussions lately. I was interviewed by a writer on the use of virtual reality (VR) in the workplace. I have noticed a commercial that shows a doctor studying a VR image of a heart on his way to surgery. There have been stories about the release of Oculus, which when combined with a smart phone can give you an “anywhere” VR experience.
I know I wrote about this just two weeks ago Future Friday: The future of training is virtual reality, but I came across this article which included this picture below.
This is your future workforce. They are going to come to your workplace with an expectation of how the world of work operates. If you are not technologically adept and prepared they will not work for you.
So what are you doing to consider virtual reality in your work place? What training opportunities, what design opportunities, what recruitment opportunities could you use VR for? If you don’t have an answer for that then you had better start thinking about it. VR will be a major tool of the future.
Photo credit: Borrowed from Samantha Rivers in Tech advance that are preparing students for the future of work

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