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Most businesses today are highly complicated. Regardless of whether you have 2,000 employees or 20, your organization can benefit from the kind of sophisticated, technologically advanced web-based tools that simplifies the tracking, recording, and accessing the information you need to succeed.
Having the right tools can make all the difference. For HR departments, that means having software that can track such things as job applications in the system, employee performance reviews, and even time and attendance information.
Today’s businesses not only need to be able to access the records and data they need, but they need to do it quickly and from anywhere. Storing paper files in a remote site is no longer acceptable and puts an organization at a competitive disadvantage.
There are five essential functions that web-based HR software can help your organization improve upon so that your organization can be more effective.

Accessing Employee Details

One of the essential tasks of any Human Resources department is maintaining and managing employee files. These can sometimes include dozens or even hundreds of documents, including everything from past performance reviews to disciplinary write-ups to letters of recommendation, and many more.
A decade ago, storing these types of documents in a file cabinet may have been fine. But today’s businesses need faster access to these documents. That’s why most businesses today will maintain electronic employee records that can be accessed instantly from anywhere.
Digital employee records aren’t only more accessible. They also are more secure. HR record keeping software allows organizations to restrict access to confidential documents while creating an electronic record of who accessed any particular record, when they accessed it, and what they did with it.


Most businesses have had the experience of advertising for an open position and getting hundreds or even thousands of applicants. Today’s employment laws require many types of businesses to maintain and store records of every applicant for a specified period of time, sometimes for years.
Using paper records, this task is not only practically impossible, but also time- and space-consuming. But HR software simplifies both the process of accepting applications, storing mandatory documentation, and sifting through and sorting applications based on any criteria you determine so that the top candidates can be identified easily.

FMLA Tracking

Speaking of legal requirements, the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 gives every employee specific rights regarding taking time off to take care of themselves or family members in the case of a medical issue. The law requires businesses to track FMLA requests, process them according to the organization’s legal obligations, and essentially manage the process for each and every employee.
Companies that fail to comply may be subject to fines, penalties, and damage to their reputation – as well as be responsible for costly compliance fees and legal defense costs. Yet keeping these types of complicated FMLA records can be nearly impossible unless you have HR software that can manage the process for you.
With HR software, HR can easily handle the necessary record keeping so that the organization is always in 100% compliance with FMLA regulations. This software also can be instantly updated whenever there is a change in the law.

Performance Tracking

Performance tracking is often a major problem for HR departments. Whether employees are reviewed annually, bi-annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly, that’s a lot of records that need to be generated, collated, maintained and accessed – all of which are confidential.
Then there are control issues to consider. Supervisors need to be able to access these performance reviews. But most organizations are constantly changing, so the supervisor responsible for an individual’s performance tracking this year may be entirely different than last year’s.
Creating and maintaining a secure, fair and effective performance tracking system is another function of HR software systems. Regardless of the frequency or complexity of your organization’s evaluation process, HR software is up to the task.

Realtime Reporting

Today’s businesses are operating in the “Digital Age”. That means we now have more access to more information than ever before. But having access to data is one thing. Knowing what to do with it is another. All the information in the world isn’t going to contribute to the success of your organization unless you know how to organize it in a way that will help leaders make more informed decisions.
HR software can create the kind of realtime reporting that your organization’s leaders need to make the decisions that will benefit the organization. From time and attendance analysis to compliance reports to productivity trends, realtime reports can be generated and accessed from practically any device so that you always have the informational tools you need to succeed.
Advance Systems specializes in providing organizations with the fast, effective and productive HR software they need to achieve excellence.
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