Future Friday: The future of training is virtual reality

ID-100378542  pixtawanI have been saying for at least a dozen years that virtual reality will be one of the greatest boons to corporate training in the coming years. Well those years have arrived. It is starting to reach into all industries and the applications will be widespread.

Saves time, money and lives

In the Pulse.com blog, written by Grayson Brulte, Co-Founder & President of Brulte & Company, 4 ways virtual reality is shaping the future of work there are four examples of how VR has a tremendous effect on the work place. I think all of them are great examples of how VR can be used for training. The first example was surgeons using VR to “reimagine” the human body. VR allows the surgeon to take a tour of the area they will be operating on. This allows them to make their mistakes in VR and not in the patient. It would also be a fantastic way to train them to begin with.
The post also says that VR will be a major assist to workers allowing multiple layers of technology to work together and communicate making work more efficient and safer.
The third way VR will be used is in space, allowing astronauts and technicians to work together visually rather than just by using voice commands. Imagine a repair being done where the astronaut is guided through the procedure by being able to see a technician performing the work on an actual part.


The biggest area however, and the point of my post, is in the realm of employee training. I had the opportunity to see this first hand last fall as I operated an engine, assembling it in VR. Similar to my experience the post talked about the work of Bosch. It said:

“Engineers at Bosch have developed a virtual reality training experience to train auto technicians how to repair gasoline direct-injection (GDI) engines. By using virtual reality to train technicians, Bosch is creating a cost-efficient training program that directly benefits their bottom line, as Bosch projects it will have a 56 percent market share in GDI technology by 2017.”

Virtual reality
The VR simulation where I had the opportunity to assemble a simple car engine.

The future is bright

Grayson Brulte, Co-Founder & President of Brulte & Company is very optimistic about the future of virtual reality technology as a training tool, as am I. You can train workers on a multitude of tasks, in a multitude of situations without danger or the detrimental effect of mistakes. The military has been using it for years. It is time for companies to pick it up.
I wish I had invested in VR companies!
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