A small business resource from the EEOC

The EEOC provides Fact Sheets to explain the laws it enforces.
The EEOC provides Fact Sheets to explain the laws it enforces.

A large number of the people responsible for the Human Resources function are in small companies. Often they have incomplete training and handle HR as one of a larger set of duties they are tasked with performing. The understanding they have of employment law may be thin. To that end the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has produced a Fact Sheet designed to help a small business better understand what the EEOC deals with and how to work with them on dealing with discrimination claims.

What is covered?

The Fact Sheet on Small Business Information answers a number of questions. These include:

  • What laws the EEOC enforces
  • What small business are covered by the EEOC
  • The timing on employees filing a charge
  • How charges are filed
  • How charges can be resolved without an investigation
  • How the EEOC investigates
  • How companies get sued
  • How a small business can end up in Federal Court

The Fact Sheet is not a deep dive on the EEOC but it certainly does provide some guidance. Other Fact Sheets, which can be found here, also provide similar overviews to EEOC topics. Reading these can provide some good background on how to stay out of trouble. Combine this information with the advice of a consultant who specializes in small company HR issues (shameless plug) and most companies will be better protected than they might normally be.

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