Tattoos in the workplace- a new norm?

Tattoos are becoming much more common place in the work environment. Heck even more “HR ladies” are sporting tattoos. I thought I would present this infographic with some facts about workplace tattoos, courtesy of

4 thoughts on “Tattoos in the workplace- a new norm?”

  1. Interesting read, Mike. Thanks for sharing.
    I find it intriguing that the majority of the ‘tattoo-friendly’ companies are in the retail sector. Most of the retailers noted (although I thought Borders has been defunct for a while) would have a high portion of their staff in positions in which they interact with the public.
    With these positions largely held by younger, entry-level people, it will be interesting to see if there are more professional/B2B companies listed on the ‘friendly’ roster in the years ahead.

  2. Very informative read!
    To preface this, I am fairly heavily tattooed, and I am pursuing a career in HR. That being said, I thought it was interesting that you included the portion about no states having laws protecting from discrimination against hiring individuals with tattoos. Although the information is relevant, I personally do not feel that there should ever be laws protecting it. Getting tattoos (or a tattoo) is a decision, and unfortunately there are sometimes negative consequences that are a result of decisions made.
    I certainly hope that society continues to progress and tattoos, in general, become more acceptable, however there are still a lot of offensive tattoos with inappropriate content that companies should be allowed to restrict. I think we should leave the legal protections for items that cannot be controlled, such as ethnicity, age, etc.
    That is just my two cents though! Again, great article. Thanks.

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