Finding the Balance Between Work and Exercise 

Exercise can make employees more productive.
Exercise can make employees more productive.

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After a long day at work, it’s difficult to find time and motivation for exercise. But the truth is, the busier and more stressed you are, the more important fitness becomes. Exercise is a great stress reliever. It also releases endorphins, gives you energy, and reduces risk of injury in the workplace.
Finding the right balance between work and fitness can be difficult, but once it’s achieved, working out will become a habit. You’ll find yourself looking forward to spending some time in the day focusing on yourself and you’ll find it difficult to skip out on your daily workout. Here are five tips to help achieve the balance between working and fitness in your life.

Pack Your Workout Gear

After a long day at work, heading home for a quick snack and to change into workout clothes can be lethal. You might find yourself making excuses or getting too comfortable on the couch in front of the television. Skip the trip home and pack a workout bag to keep in your car. Include a change of clothes, sneakers, a pre-workout snack, water, and any other equipment you may need. After work, head straight to the gym and sweat that stressful day away.
If you’re a morning person, prepare your exercise essentials the night before and don’t hesitate when that alarm rings in the morning.

Be Aware of Your Fitness Options

Fitness and exercise are about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. This includes the location of the gym you visit, the type of fitness you engage in, and the exercise classes you attend. Always be aware of the fitness options around you. For instance, if you’re a member at 24 Hour Fitness, your membership may allow you to visit any of their locations nationwide, making it convenient for you to explore and expand your horizons.
If a meeting has you on the other side of town, take your lunch break and check out the closest gym. Or if traffic is extra heavy in the evening, wait it out by exercising on the local trail, yoga class, or visit the gym near your office instead of your neighborhood location.

Maximize Your Exercise Time

If you only manage to squeeze in an hour of exercise every few days, make it count. Find an exercise routine or structured class that satisfies you physically and mentally. A great cardio workout that burns a whopping amount of calories is indoor cycling. Most classes only last an hour and burn anywhere from 400 to 800 calories depending on your body type. Indoor cycling is also great for building leg muscle and it’s easy on the joints with a decreased potential for injury.

Make Fitness a Family and Friend Affair

It’s easy to make excuses when it comes to exercise, especially if you have a very busy work schedule. No one to watch the kids, you haven’t spent time with your partner all week, and you haven’t caught up with your friends since last weekend are all common excuses. Instead, look for ways to get your loved ones involved in your fitness routine.
Head out for a sunset hike with your loved ones or take a family swim at your local pool. If your kids are really young, look for gyms that offer babysitting services onsite, giving you no excuses to skip your workout.

Invest in Fitness Technology

It might seem like a fitness fad, but wearable fitness trackers are extremely beneficial to your overall health and well-being. By wearing a fitness tracker throughout the day, you can monitor your daily steps, heart rate, and sleep. Even on your busiest days at work, keeping track of your health gives you an idea of how active you were that day, whether or not you’ve met your daily goals, and it helps shape your fitness goals for the next day. With your fit tech doing all the work, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

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