Safeguard Your Workplace Against Crime & Violence

Man watching an employee work via a closed-circuit video monitor
Man watching an employee work via a closed-circuit video monitor

I published a post about “Things to do in active shooter situation” last month. Here is another post from my friends at about security at work. 

It is getting dark earlier, which means employees are often leaving work when it is dark – a safety concern, for sure. Take steps to implement a solid security plan that will keep your employees safe year round, not only throughout the darkness of winter. Preventative solutions such as security cameras, training sessions and on-site security personnel are easy ways to keep your employees safe.

Security Cameras

Research conducted by the Urban Institute found that monitored security camera systems – aka closed-circuit television (CCTV) – are highly effective and affordable crime deterrents. Moreover, London’s College of Policing found that parking lots that are covered by CCTV see “a marked and statistically significant reduction in vehicle-related crimes.”
Of course, camera placement, monitoring and hardware are the most important aspects of putting together a successful CCTV system. HD security camera systems from Lorex offer contract-free, quality CCTV options, and have a wide variety of HD camera security systems to fit your needs. Lorex is a Flir company – the same company that builds thermal imaging cameras for Apache helicopters and other military equipment.
Once you’ve installed your system, make sure to keep it monitored in order to enjoy the security the cameras provide.

Security Assessments & Training

Security training is one of the most important things you can give your employees. According to Chris Samia – the Academic Director for Calx Group, a training and consulting firm that offers corporate training and physical security assessments-” it is imperative that companies empower their employees by providing security training for employees and by assessing the overall security of their properties, especially given recent events. Samia also said, “Employees are your first line of defense against crime. Prepare them.” A report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation agrees that threat assessment and training professionals are integral components of workplace violence prevention programs.
For organizations that may find professional assessment and training cost prohibitive, the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) has a limited number of free online courses (Workplace Security Awareness, Active Shooter, Surveillance Awareness, etc.) that pertain to workplace security. FEMA has also developed a Building Vulnerability Assessment Checklist, which can be found online.
Another thing to consider: Many training companies, like Calx Group, often provide training for free or reduced rates to nonprofits and schools.

On-Site Security Personnel

There are a few different routes a business can take when placing security personnel on their premises. Hiring uniformed security guards can be as easy as a phone call to a licensed security company.
If your property is large enough to warrant a marked patrol car on-site, find a company that can also provide this service as well. Hiring dedicated security personnel to monitor the CCTV system and to conduct foot patrols around the property – to include checking for locked doors and escorting employees/customers to their cars – is yet another option for business owners.
Guards that work directly for your company can also act as customer service representatives by greeting and helping your customers.

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