A New Year

sylvester-723050_640[1]This is my first post actually written in the New Year of 2016, so Happy New Year! Many bloggers started off the new year with predictions for the coming year or they published a list of resolutions. I am not going to do either. I have found that I am not particularly good at keeping resolutions. I find that annual resolutions are too short term for me. I just try to make lifestyle changes. I am not always successful with those.
One interesting take I came across was that of Alan Weiss. He suggests rather than resolutions you establish accountabilities. He says:

  • Rather than saying you are going to exercise more actually schedule the time and if necessary schedule a trainer.
  • Don’t just increase your network, but actually make friends.
  • Don’t allow yourself to become a victim. Find ways to control your own fate and improve your own lot.
  • Engage in at least one developmental activity per quarter.
  • Don’t feel guilty about having a good time.

These were just a few of what he mentioned.
There was one that he mentioned that I always try to improve on and that was read widely and often. This allows you to form your opinions rather than take what you find on Facebook as your opinion.
I hope everyone’s year has started on a positive note and I wish you much success in the coming year. I promise to keep informing you on both compliance issues and the Future of Work

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