How about a tool to save time, clean up communication and appeal to Millennials?

Benny Buddy provides a communication application for your benefit package.
Benny Buddy provides a communication application for your benefit package.

If you had a tool that could communicate your benefits better would you be interested? If you had a tool that saved HR hours a week would you be interested? If this tool was mobile based, thus appealing to a large part of you employee population would you be interested? Well I was when presented with these questions. I met with Rion Shearer of Benny Advantage to take a look at their mobile product Benny Buddy. I liked it enough that I wanted to tell you about it as I have done with other products. Just to be open, I have no financial connection with them and they are not paying me to write this post. I just thought it was a cool product.

Information at your finger tips

Have you ever been in a situation where you are sitting at the doctor’s office and you just don’t have the information you need in order to fill out their forms? I have. I needed a group number or a policy number or a phone number and did not have the right insurance card in my wallet. Even though I have a smart phone and I use Evernote, do you think I have been smart enough to record all that information? Well if I haven’t it is a safe bet that many of your employees haven’t either.
Benny Buddy is a smart phone application that puts all that information and more at your employee’s finger tips. In fact it puts a wealth of information in the application on EVERY benefit product you have in your benefit package. Employees can have available to them the appropriate numbers, contacts, plans, plan documents (yes, they can put each appropriate summary plan description on there), terms and even balances. This works for insurance, supplemental insurance, FSA, HSAs, 401(k), IRAs and Workers’ Comp. It can include your employee handbook and other supplemental information you desire. It makes your employee prepared to answer any question at any time without having to call HR.

Time saver

The fact that all this information is readily available makes for a tremendous time savings opportunity. Employees don’t need to call for information such as a plan number. They don’t need to ask what the company vacation policy is. Not having to field these almost valueless calls can save hours per week thus allowing HR to concentrate on more valuable interactions.

Other services

Although the mobile application is the primary product Benny Advantage will help with other communication pieces as well so that you don’t miss you non-smartphone group.
This is sold mostly through insurance brokers though it is available directly to larger companies. Priced on a per person per month model, it is very inexpensive, for now. If you would like to look at this in more detail their website is

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