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In HR today it is all about innovation.
In HR today it is all about innovation.

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From recruiting to retention, the human resources department bridges the gap between employee and upper management for all businesses, large and small. It’s not exempt, however, from the technological revolution. And while you’ve at least dabbled in automation, if you’re not getting the results you’re looking for from your current systems, it’s time to take a look at some of the most cumbersome HR problems and their modern software solutions. This will help you decide if it’s time to add some new tools to your HR deck to keep top talent coming in and employees engaged.

Performance Management Scheduling

Although performance reviews are often talked about and even scheduled, many are done too informally or irregularly to produce valuable feedback, or they’re skipped altogether. A recent U.S. poll of CEOs, employees and HR professionals by a San Francisco-based consulting firm showed that 98 percent of the 2,677 surveyed found performance reviews to be unnecessary. Psychologically based studies show grim results as well. Psychology Today concluded back in 2010 that such measuring sticks were “painful” and “didn’t work.” They produced a low amount of top performers. Incredibly, an estimated 99 percent of companies still do them.
Automate and streamline your performance review process to see if it yields valuable results, or cut it all together in lieu of more modern solutions, like the website builder Shopify and gaming superstar IGN who give out the same amount of reward tokens to each employee. Each employee then gives out their tokens anonymously to their co-workers. Think of it like a LinkedIn endorsement. At the end of each quarter, management publishes the high, low and average amount of tokens each employee had been rewarded with by their peers.

Online Recruiting

As the world economy recovers and outsourcing jobs is more commonplace than a Craigslist ad, CEOs are proclaiming that their biggest need is for talent. That’s why getting your online recruiting game up to snuff is a huge priority and should be a part of any HR solutions software you invest in. Use new tools and new ideas by streamlining the application, interview and education processes. Not only will you find better employees, you can train them more efficiently and uniformly now too.

Go Mobile

Don’t underestimate the power of mobile availability. So many intelligent HR software solutions go unused because they are inaccessible or cumbersome on a mobile device. Employees are more mobile than ever and the response rate is quicker than any other form of communication. Eventually, mobile applications will act as virtual recruiters, trainers, interviewers, even assessing relevant skills via Facetime. The possibilities are endless. And it all starts in the palm of their hand.
Working from home is also becoming an increasingly popular option for many startups and bigger corporations in lean times. It’s a good idea to invest in super portable and meeting-friendly laptops to keep work and home computing separate and employees ready to go from pajamas to the boardroom in less than an hour.

Automated Payroll

The American Payroll Association found back in 2010 that automating payroll can reduce costs up to 80 percent. Outsourcing payroll can lead to even more confusion and lag time between HR and payroll. But modern in-house payroll software can now reduce redundancy greatly, adjust to changes and correct mistakes much more efficiently.

Time-Tracking Systems

These are some of the most practical and time-saving solutions you can have in your deck. Employees are going to get sick, they are going to take time off, and most are going to be online as part of their job. Tracking all of that and more all in one database will enable you to streamline payroll, scheduling and time management. Automate and ease the stress of switching shifts or requesting time off. You’d be amazed at how much less often you check your Facebook when you know your clicks are being recorded. Time-tracking systems keep us accountable and in sync and should be one of the first options you consider when updating your HR software with the newest tech available.

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