In a few short years this may be the only computing tool an employee may need to have.
In a few short years this may be the only computing tool an employee may need to have.

I am away this week at an IBM #NewWaytoWork conference as an invited “Influencer” for my work writing about the future. For this week I am going to highlight a view posts that discuss some of the issues of mobility that we will be discussing at the conference.
At the conference we will be talking a lot about the subject of mobility. I published this post in January of 2015 talking about just that subject.
We have all heard about the ever increasing importance of mobile devices in the workplace. The issue of BYOD (Bring your own device) policies is a present and growing issue for many companies. The issues surrounding mobile devices are going to get larger and more complex due to supermobility.


In a post by Tim Stone about workplace predictions he quotes futurist Jack Uldrich who says that by 2018 smartphones will outnumber PCs by a ratio of 6 to 1. These devices will provide all the technology employees will need to have to be productive on the go. They provide text, video, and yes even voice (who would have thought). The computing power of smartphones and the supporting technology such as the ubiquity of Wi-Fi, will enable employees to connect securely to a company’s enterprise tools.


Naturally there will continue to be issues with these devices that companies will have to deal with. These will include:

  • Security
  • Time use tracking for wage and hour regulation
  • Invasion of personal time
  • Who owns data
  • Accessibility
  • Wiping devices on termination

One of the things that companies need to be doing now is to make sure that their systems, websites and information are all mobile ready. In just three years it is going to be a mobile world and if you are not ready you will be left behind.

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