Employee Appreciation: Creative Ways to Say Thanks

There are many ways to say "Thank you."
There are many ways to say “Thank you.”

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Thank you. These are two words many HR professionals don’t say enough. Whether it’s because you don’t know when to express your gratitude or you’re not quite sure how to say thanks, saying thank you often takes a backseat to more “important” tasks. But a little gratitude goes a long way. Not only is it nice, saying thank you can actually benefit the company.
A survey from Glassdoor and Harris Interactive showed that employees were more likely to stay with an employer if they felt appreciated. And, four out of five survey respondents said that they work harder when they are appreciated by their superiors. Here are five suggestions to make your staff feel more appreciated.

Say Thanks With a Charitable Donation

Say thank you and give back to the community by supporting the charities on JustGive.org. The organization caters to corporations and encourages business leaders to give back by giving employees something extra. Just Give offers gift cards that can be used toward an employee’s favorite charity. Supporting an employee’s dearest cause will mean a lot and you’ll be helping the community, too.

Celebrate Often

It might not be realistic to celebrate every birthday or workplace anniversary, but there is a way that you can show your appreciation for those around the office. Companies around the country, like Grasshopper, celebrate anniversaries and birthdays with one big celebration each month, and there’s always cake and refreshments. This way you’re not sacrificing productivity and you’re appreciating employees together as a team.

Treat Your All-Stars to a Night Out

If your company is located near Boston, New York or Philadelphia, treat your standout employees to a Broadway show. Telecharge, an online ticket retailer, also offers gift cards in addition to tickets, that can be purchased in amounts from $25 to $500. Let the theater-lovers in your office choose the show that they want to see instead of using your best guess to select a show. This gift is a great way to show appreciation for a job well done.

Be Flexible

According to a study from FlexJobs, 74 percent of employees want flexible work options. Employees are seeking flexible work options to maintain a healthier work-life balance. And, 82 percent said that they would be more loyal to a company if flexible options were available. Determine what flexible work options are best for the company and your team. Whether you decide to offer a four day work week or allow your employees to work from home on their own accord, giving your staff a flexible work schedule is the ultimate way to say thank you.

Promote Your People

You can’t promote everyone, but there’s a way that you can promote your best people. Give your top talent a shout out in the monthly newsletter and showcase their talents and achievements. This simple thank you takes little time and costs the company nothing. But to the employees who are being recognized, it’s priceless.

Just Say Thank You

While gifts are always nice, saying a meaningful thank you will do the trick. It only takes a few minutes to express your gratitude. Instead of sending an email or dropping a note at their desk, talk to them and say thank you face-to-face. Give it a try today.

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