Future Friday: What are you learning from your marketing department?

ID-100359542 nenetusHR has a tendency to think of Millennials as the newest generation of employees, and they are. But they are also your next generation of consumers. Is your marketing department planning on how to sell to them? If yes, how are they going to do that? What will be the medium to reach that generation?
Whatever it is HR needs to take a lesson from marketing. How you reach them as consumers is exactly the same way you can reach them as employees.
Learn from marketing and find yourself smarter.
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1 thought on “Future Friday: What are you learning from your marketing department?”

  1. there are now so many mediums to sell to this market, but oftentimes there seems to be too much buzz around social media and not enough attention paid to the more ‘traditional’ and less hyped digital marketing strategies.

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