Good Leadership is not easy

Good leadership takes hard work.
Good leadership takes hard work.

One of the things that comes in my inbox on a daily basis is a management tip from the Harvard Business Review. I received one the other day entitled Lead Your B-Level Players to A-Level Success that was adapted from “How to Manage a Team of B Players,” by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. In this tip he describes the type of leader it takes to lead a team of “B players” to success. It is not an easy job that is described.

What it takes

According to Chamorro-Premuzic the qualities and characteristics needed for effective leadership include:

  • Having superior judgment, which helps them make good decisions and learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others;
  • Having high emotional intelligence, which helps them stay calm under pressure and build relationships with their teams;
  • Having high ambition, which pushes them to high performance.

This is not a set of characteristics found in just anyone.

More is needed

In addition to these characteristics a good leader also has to act the part. This means they have to have:

  • A strong vision with a plan of attack;
  • They use analytics and metrics to show the how to make better decisions;
  • They provide their team with honest feedback about their limits and how to improve; and
  • They raise morale by getting the team to bond.

You read a list like this and it is no wonder many organizations are in a leadership crisis and why Millennials are eschewing leadership positions. It is tough work.
Companies to need to appreciate and foster people who desire leadership positions. Although some say leadership cannot be trained, it can be developed with proper programs and encouragement.

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