Creating a Company Culture to Attract & Retain Top Talent

Culture is critical. Make sure yours is what you want.
Culture is critical. Make sure yours is what you want.

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Cultivating the right company culture may sound like an abstract goal, but it’s also the key to attracting and recruiting the right talent for your unique workplace. Follow these tips to create and maintain a passionate, robust company culture.

Employee Benefits & Perks

When Silicon Valley
companies have offices that look like playgrounds, in-office yoga and massages, advertising the perks of working for your particular company has never been more important. Make sure you communicate to potential employees how working in your office space is unique. These things don’t have to be the most extravagant or expensive — small companies can offer great perks, too! The important thing is to make it clear that your company values the employee experience. After all, happy employees make the best workers.


Recruiting is your first chance to make the right impression on a future employee, so make sure to select the best representatives of your company culture to be part of the recruitment team. You want to ensure that these are the people who love working for your company and can articulate this in an eloquent but approachable way to prospective employees.

Dress Code

In these modern times, companies looking to create a thriving culture should maintain a professional but relaxed dress code. You want to represent your company as one of diversity, and that means not being too restrictive with what employees can wear. Employees will see your company culture as desirable if they are encouraged to maintain their individual identities. Make your dress code a selling point to prospective employees, not something that they will dread having to deal with upon being hired.

Work Environment

Creating an ideal work environment means sticking to a set of values and standards that will foster positivity and create a tight-knit community, no matter how large or small your company is. When the internal company works productively, the whole organism moves in the right direction. It’s a good idea to have a set standard of these values (like communication, humility and respect) posted in the workplace, so that each and every employee knows they are respected and held to the same standard as their coworkers.

Browse the Web

Potential employees are looking up your company online before you ever meet them for an in-person interview, so how you present your company’s culture on the Internet is extremely important. It’s becoming increasingly common to see large companies with “company culture” pages listed on their websites, and the easiest way to get inspired is to look to those companies that you would like your own to emulate.
It’s best to keep these pages simple — look to Zappos for a clear idea of a fun, easily understood, straightforward company culture page and LifeLock for an example of a great jobs listing page that captures the essence of the company.

Corporate Events

Even at events where you are interacting with employees from other branches or companies, you are still talking to people who are sizing up your company (and your employees’ happiness) who could be potential employees down the line. Represent your company well and give others a reason to want to work for you, or at least strive to be more like you.

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