Future Friday: Google Glass is still alive

As I mentioned earlier in the week I attended Dreamforce 2015. There I had my first personal encounter with Google Glass. The way it was being used in the booth I visited was to control aspects of the booth.

3D printing

They demonstrated the control of a 3D printer by use of the Google Glass. The young man I spoke to, Joseph Sterne of Acumen Solutions, is a specialist in wearables and he was gracious enough to let me try them on as you can see in the picture. It can be an excellent tool to communicate with the Internet of Things.
Google glass
They are light weight and unobtrusive and I still believe they could be an excellent tool for HR. Combined with face recognition you would get instant employee recognition. No more struggles with remembering someone’s name, always an embarrassing situation with dealing with employees.

Virtual reality

Joseph also demonstrated a virtual reality set up for training people. With a head set on I was able to assemble the basic components of a car engine. I have long said that for tasks that involve some risk to life, limb or equipment that virtual reality was the way to go. I was happy to have a firsthand experience with it.
Virtual reality

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