Do you hire NICE people?

Do you hire numerical, intuitive, content creative, and execution oriented people?
Do you hire numerical, intuitive, content creative, and execution oriented people?

At one of the sessions I attended at Dreamforce 2015 I listened to a panel of CEOs of four tech firms in California. They emphasized three things in their discussion, data, marketing and people.


The panel, consisting of Jon Miller, Engagio; Evan Liang, Lean Data; Yaron Zakai-Or, Sales Predict and Mark Organ, Influitive, all agreed that today in sales and marketing data is vital. They said that too many systems have “dumb data”, the stuff that just sits in the company CRM and is not used. It is important to make that data matter. Naturally all of them represent companies that can help companies better utilize their Salesforce CRM. However, regardless of what system is being used it is important to make better use of that data to speed decisions, improve productivity and increase the chances of making more sales.


Mark Organ said that what is important in the marketing arena is the customer journey. He said you need to market to your customers in the way they want to buy. “Marketing emails are useless these days, no one reads them” according to Organ. (Note: The parallels to HR and recruiting are there.) The panel said it is important to utilize your proxies, those people who know you and can tell your story to a prospect.


Jon Miller said that the competition for good people is incredibly tough in the high tech world. There is a huge skills gap in marketing, with many candidates missing the important skills of understanding technology and being able to interpret data. He said when he hires he uses the acronym NICE. This stands for:

  • N for numerical
  • I for intuitive
  • C for content creation
  • E for execution oriented.

I asked for Miller’s permission to republish that acronym because I think this is important in many positions today, including HR.

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