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Are you ready to learn to be a leader?
Are you ready to learn to be a leader?

I received a compliment the other day on a post on leadership I wrote in July. We are struggling with leadership today. Perhaps it is the current political season that make the dearth of leadership so apparent. Companies struggle with leadership. New generations cannot decide if they want to be leaders while older generations are loath to give it up. We argue on whether leadership can be taught or can only be developed from an innate ability. With that in mind I decided to revisit some posts I have written on leadership that tackle some of these issues.
First up is a post called Future Friday: The impending leadership cliff that makes it clear that current companies are facing some difficulties when it comes to finding and developing leaders. Many companies have dropped the ball and are not prepared. As a result the message they sent is that leadership is not that important and subsequently many members of the coming generations are not interested. See what you think.
Next is an article that shows that leadership is not for the faint-of-heart. A Few Simple Leadership Lessons comes from an interview with Ralph de la Vega, who is the CEO of AT&T Mobility. It takes guts and a good team to be a great leader.
With Three ways you learn leadership I obviously fall into the school that leadership can be taught, though it does not solve the problem of whether people have an innate ability to lead. But whether you have, or whether you have to “fake it til you make it” here are three things you can do.
Lastly is the post I got the compliment on. In Three keys to being a great leader I tell you what I learned about being a good leader from reading an article on being a good guest. Who know the skills were so close.
Enjoy the reading and I hope these help you with your leadership skills.

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